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Prep 1 Theory Workbook

Prep 1 Music Theory Workbook includes UMT Guide & Chart, 12 Step-by-Step Lessons & 12 Review Tests to Dramatically Increase Retention!
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Prep 1 Theory Workbook

The Prep 1 Music Theory Workbook is an impressive coil bound, 9 X 12 workbook with 12 Lessons, Review Tests, Guide & Chart plus 80 Downloadable Flashcards.
Prep 1 Music Theory Workbook features these concepts and more!

  • PITCH - Accidentals and Landmark Note Patterns on the Grand Staff
  • SCALES - Major and minor Pentascales
  • TRIADS - Solid and Broken Triads and Scale Degrees
  • RHYTHM - Simple Time, Basic Beat, Pulse, Notes and Rests
  • INTERVALS - Harmonic and Melodic (numerical value only)
  • COPYING MUSIC - Stem direction, Tempo, Dynamics and Articulation
  • ANALYSIS - Musical Terms, Symbols and Signs

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