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Prep Music Theory Game Pack

Prep Music Theory Game Pack - 6 Laminated Games with 36 ways to play! And a Music Theory Guide & Chart! Every student loves to Learn Music Theory in a Fun Way!
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Prep Music Theory Game Pack

The Prep Music Theory Game Pack is a FUN way to Build Knowledge and enhance Sight Reading and Ear Training Skills!

6 Individual Laminated Games (9 X 12 size) including Prep Music Theory Guide & Chart!
  • 6 Ways to Play 6 Games = 36 Variations (lots of ideas included!)
  • At the Piano Instructions: Ear Training & Sight Reading
  • Table Top Instructions: Designed for private or group lessons
Prep Music Theory Game Pack features these concepts and more!

  • The Pattern Patch - Distance (Skip, Step, Same, etc.)
  • Sports Notes - Pitch (Keyboard vs Staff: Treble & Bass)
  • Clap That! - Rhythm (2/4, 3/4, 4/4)
  • Go Fish! - Pentascales (Major & minor)
  • Fireworks! - Musical Terms (Dynamics, Tempo, etc.)
  • Rest Time - Adding Rests (whole, half, quarter, eighth)

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