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UMT LEVEL 6 Supplemental Workbook


Theory Level 6 is EASY with the LEVEL 6 Supplemental Workbook - designed to be completed with the Intermediate Rudiments Workbook!
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UMT LEVEL 6 Supplemental Workbook

The LEVEL 6 Supplemental Workbook is designed to be completed with the Step-by-Step Intermediate Rudiments Workbook. Bonus - Free Resources - Videos for all music history listening activities in the workbook.

UMT Intermediate Rudiments Workbook plus the LEVEL 6 Supplemental = RCM Theory Level 6.
Note: Additional completion of the LEVEL 7 Supplemental Workbook = RCM Theory Level 7.

The LEVEL 6 Supplemental Workbook features these concepts and more!

  • PITCH - Transposition (Major & minor keys) - Modulation
  • SCALES - Major, relative minors, parallel, enharmonic (all Key Signatures)
  • CHORDS - Major, minor & Dominant 7th, Functional and root/quality chord symbols
  • INTERVALS - Maj, min, Per, Aug, dim - up to an octave, (Melodic and Harmonic)
  • MELODY WRITING - Parallel Period - Melody Writing (Major key), Ending Stable Scale Degrees
  • ANALYSIS - Identification of sections (A and B), and concepts from previous levels, Texture, Terms
  • MUSIC HISTORY - Baroque - Life and Music of J.S. Bach and Classical - W.A. Mozart
  • THEORY EXAM - Level 6
The Ultimate Music Theory™ Program and Supplemental Workbooks help students prepare for nationally recognized theory examinations including the Royal Conservatory of Music. Note: UMT Answer Books are available for ALL Levels.
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