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So-La & Ti-Do Stuffies Pack

So-La feels music in her heart. She loves to teach, compose and perform. Ti-Do feels music in his hands & feet. He loves to analyze, share tips and conduct.
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So-La & Ti-Do Stuffies Pack

The So-La & Ti-Do Pack includes:

  • 2 PLUSH STUFFIES - Your very own So-La & Ti-Do!
  • MUSIC THEORY GUIDE - Musical Terms and Signs that add "So-La Sparkles" to music.
  • MUSIC THEORY CHART - Simple Time Signature Chart that shows rhythmic pulse for "Ti-Do Taps" in rhythm.
  • SO-LA & TI-DO SONG - Sing & Dance, Tap & Count, Learn & Play the So-La & Ti-Do Song.
  • STICKERS - Have fun with So-La & Ti-Do Stickers!

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